CATJ 25 Proceedings/Presentation Materials

CATJ 25 Proceedings (This is the version corrected. 2015-11-3)

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April 11 (Sat)

Keynote Speaker:

新しいマーケティング・セオリー: 遠方の者より身近な者を狙え!!
Marketing Your Language from the Inside out”?

CATJ Article

William Matsuzaki (St. Paul’s School)

Keynote Speaker:

Immersion During Study Abroad: What Does It Mean?

Daniel Dewey (Brigham Young University)

Understanding Learners and Learning in JFL Strategy-based Composition Instruction

Ying Liu (Ursinus College) & Zhini Zeng (The Ohio State University)

Study Abroad in Japan: A Case Study of Three American Undergraduates’ Interactional Experiences and its Relationships with pre-SA Proficiency and Motivation

Hiromi Tobaru (The Ohio State University)

Designing Advanced Courses in Accordance with Students’ Various Needs

Ai Sukegawa & Sachiko Kondo (Oberlin College)

Linking Japanese Curriculum and Student Career: The Case of the state of Iowa

Yumiko Nishi, Brian Hagihara, & Eriko Ike (University of Iowa)

The Construct and Effects of the Native Speaker Fallacy in An U.S. University Japanese Language Progra


Shinsuke Tsuchiya (The Ohio State University)

OAJT-­‐Sponsored Session 2:

Advocacy and Support with the Japan Foundation

Amanda Rollins (The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles)

Keynote Speaker:

Field Guide in Study Abroad Curriculum

Mari Noda (The Ohio State University)

Special Workshop:

Bring Learners outside the Classroom: the Application of Augmented Reality Place-Based Game Editor ARIS

Shinji Shimoura & Kazumi Hatasa (Purdue University)

Special Guest:

Kazuyuki Katayama (Consul General of Japan in Detroit)

Keynote Speaker:

Current Issues in Japanese Language Education in the US

Motoko Tabuse (Eastern Michigan University)

April 12 (Sun)

教師力向上を図ったアイディア投稿サイトMikke!の創設〜情報の共有とその重要性の観点から〜 Website Mikke! for Sharing your Activity Ideas –Sharing Information and Its Importance-

Aya Okada (Purdue University)

Thoughts on the Importance of Sociolinguistics Aspect for Business Japanese

Sadatoshi Tomizawa (Ball State University)

OATJ-Sponsored Session:

「つながり」の先に目指すカリキュラムの透明性:次世代アーティキュレーションモデルの提案 A Next-Generation Articulation Model for Facilitating Curricular Articulation

Mieko Kawai (University of Virginia)

Connecting the Reality of Digital Natives with Classroom: Survey on Japanese Learners’ Use of Social Media

Yoshihiro Mochizuki, Yuta Mori (University of Michigan)

「ドメイン」という概念と日本語文法ペダゴジーでのその応用 The Concept of Domain and Its Applications in the Pedagogy of Japanese Grammar

Guohe Zheng (Ball State University)

Discourse-Pragmatic Functions of Hand Gestures: An Analysis of Addressee Directed Pointing in Japanese Conversation

Kenji Endo (University of Pennsylvania)