OATJ Spring Workshop 2016

OATJ Spring Workshop 2016 was held on April 23, at Fort Hays High School (Click Here to Workshop Program). Thank you all for attending the OATJ Spring Workshop. Special thanks to Imamura-Sensei, who was willing to host our first OATJ Spring Workshop!

Click HERE for downloading the workshop photos.

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Click Here to Workshop Program

Presentations from the 2016 OATJ Spring Workshop

Japanese: 90% Target Language & Authentic Materials by Iya Nemastil, Marysville High School.

Effective Foreign Language Advocacy For the Secondary and Postsecondary Teacher by Tanya Schubert, Bunsold Middle School.

Authentic Language Practice in Online Discussions by Rebecca Allen, Dublin Jerome High School

Adopting High Technology in Developing Teaching Materials by Abby Shelton, The Ohio State University.

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