2009 Annual Meeting Dublin Scioto High School

Theme: “Effective use of translation in a Japanese language classroom”
Registration: Free for Members

11:00 -11:30am

Presenter: Dr. Judy Wakabayashi (Associate Professor of Japanese Translation)
Title: “Revisiting Translation in the Japanese Language Classroom”
Description:  This talk will revisit the question of the role of translation in the language classroom arguing that there is value in giving high-school and  undergraduate students of Japanese a taste of translation and that there are ways this can be done that avoid the problems associated with the grammar-translation method.  Suggestions will be made as to different approaches to including translation in the Japanese classroom and as to how to interest students in translation as a possible future career.

11:30-11:45am: Q & A
11:45-12:45pm: Lunch Free

Presenter:  Mrs. Chikako Pierson (Sycamore High School)
Title:  “Use of an Interwrite Board (Smartboard)
Description:  Schools today are adding more technology to the classroom.  Many teachers, besides having blackboards and marker boards and computers, are now getting a Smartboard. At Sycamore High School, the Smartboard the teachers use is called “an Interwirte Boards.”  Chikako Pierson will be discussing her use of the Interwrite board in teaching Japanese foreign language and culture.  She will share some examples from the last school year.

1:05-1:15pm: Q & A

Presenters: Jennifer Gentzel & Joshua Gory (Students at Mount Union College)
Title:  Study Abroad Programs at University and Private School in Japan
Description: Jennifer Gentzel will discuss Kansai Gaidai Asian Studies program for international students, and Joshua Gory will talk about Genki Japanese Language and Culture School, a private language school in Fukuoka.  Both will discuss course offerings, accommodations, cultural differences and travelling within Japan during the study abroad program.

1:35-1:44pm: Q & A
1:45-2:30pm: Business Meeting (Officers Election 2009-2011)