2008 Annual Meeting Akai Hana (Japanese Restaurant)

Theme: “How to incorporate Japanese animation into the classroom”
Registration: Free for Members


Presenter:  Hamako Furuhata-Turner (Professor at Mount Union College)
Title: “Japanese Manga:  Linguistic and Sociolinguistic Barriers in Translation by a Second Language Learner”
Description:  This is a case study of a student’s final project in Japanese Major; the student translated Japanese manga into English (“Fruit Basket #26”).  Barriers of student’s translation are analyzed based on morphological, syntactic, semantic and Sociolinguistic aspects.

11:50 – 12:05am:

Presenter:  Allison Vogel (Student at Mount Union College)
Title:  Translation of Osamu Tezuka ’s book “Saved Words of Buddha”
Description:  This presentation will discuss a translation project on Buddhism, focusing on human’s fate, and death on Buddhism. It will also discuss language difficulty, religious   difference, cultural difference, etc.

12:05 – 12:20pm: Q & A
12:20 –  12:50pm: Lunch (Free)
12:50 – 1:50pm: Discussion:  “Sharing Lesson Plans, an Innovative Approach for Using Animation”
1:50 – 2:30pm: Business Meeting

1. Japan Foundation
a) Mini-Grant of Japan Foundation Awarded for Annual Meeting of OATJ 2008
b) Evaluation Form of OATJ annual meeting by Japan Foundation (Pink)
c) Gifts from Japan Foundation for participants of OATJ meeting
2.  Ohio Foreign Language Association
a) Attending Annual Conference of OFLA 2008- Hamako Furuhata-Turner
b) Affiliate Organizations; Linkage between OATJ and OFLA -Lee Link
3.  Increasing members of OATJ (2000-33, 2001-26, 2002-33, 2003-35, 2004-26, 2005-25, 2006-20, 2007-24)
4.  Making list of Japanese programs in high schools, universities and colleges in Ohio (Requirement of
General Education, Minor, Major, Multiage Licensure, Inter-disciplinary Studies, etc.)
5. Major Conferences: 1) ATJ Seminar 2009  March 26 Chicago 2) OFLA April 2-4, 2009 Columbus
3) ACTFL November 21-23  Orlando        4)MLA December 27-30 San Francisco
6.  Nengajo Contest-Janet Stucky (Japanese Studies at OSU, JASCO)
7.  Speech Contest- Janet Stucky (Japanese Studies at OSU, JASCO)
8.  Annual meeting 2009
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The Cardinal (OFLA) November 24, 2008

The Ohio Association of Teachers of Japanese (OATJ) held an annual meeting on Saturday, November 1, 2008 at Columbus Ohio. The theme of the meeting was how to incorporate Japanese animation into the classroom. In recent years the number of animation fans has been increasing, therefore, the theme was perfect for students of Japanese. The speaker was, Hamako Furuhata-Turner, Professor of Japanese at Mount Union College; she is also current President of OATJ. The title of her presentation was “Linguistic and Sociolinguistic Aspects in Translation by a Second Language Learner.” Allison Vogel, a student from Mount Union College, presented the final project of her Japanese major, ‘Translation of Osamu Tezuka’s Book “Saved words of Buddha”’. These two presentations demonstrated how well students can translate authentic Japanese cartoon books in their studies. Some websites for Japanese animation were presented by Lee Link, a Gahanna Lincoln High School teacher. This information was very useful, and informative. Details of a Japanese Film course were presented by Hamako Furuhata-Turner, and she clarified pedagogical objectives for foreign language learning. The OATJ members discussed the “Speech Contest” and “New Years Card Contest” during the business meeting. The “Speech Contest” has existed for several years in Ohio, and we provide prizes based on the ability of students to speak Japanese. This event gives good motivation for learning, so we will continue to hold this event in addition to the “New Years Card Contest”. Overall, the number of participants at the November meeting was more than usual, and it was a very successful meeting.

President of the Ohio Association of Teachers Japanese
Hamako Furuhata-Turner, Ph.D.
Professor of Japanese
Mount Union College

*New Officers of OATJ 2008-2010
President: Hamako Furuhata-Turner (Mount Union College)
Vice-President: Lee Link (Gahanna Lincoln High School)
Secretary: Tracy Imamura (Fort Hayes Arts & Academic High School)
Treasurer: John rockelman (Dublin High School)