2002 Annual Meeting (in conjunction with East Asian LLEEP Conference, April 13 (Columbus, Ohio)

1. Bento lunch
2. Meeting began: attendance taken
3. Main speaker: Dr. Makoto Tabuse
“How does the NCJLT work for K-16 teachers. Activities in state-level for secondary schools”
4. Member speaker: Mrs. Charlene Tabata
“Japanese teachiing education in an elementary school in Ohio”
5. Officers reports:

Secretary (Minutes of the officers’ meeting of Aug 16, 2001)
Treasurer (OATJ’s income, expenses, and assets)
Vice-president (Newsletter will appear annually)

6. Elections of 2002 officers:
President – Hamako Furuhata
Vice-president – Chikako Pierson
Treasurer – Etsuyo Yuasa
Secretary – Tracy Imamura

7. Handout “OATJ suggestions”
8. Discussions

OATJ should have a connection with OFLA
Change date of OATJ annual meeting
Advanced notice of upcoming meetings
Speech contest in Ohio

9. Passed

Coral Like will be OATJ rep at OFLA
OATJ’s 2003 annual meeting will stay with LLEEP